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International Natural Science

Natural Science Programme

Naturvetenskapsprogrammet med undervisningsspråk engelska

The Natural Science Programme is intended for students who wish to study natural sciences;
it is particularly suited for students interested in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. The International Natural Science Programme follows the syllabus for the Swedish Naturvetenskapsprogrammet (NA) using English as the language of instruction and

What you will study

You learn about solving mathematical problems, energy, electricity, the human body, the ecosystem and genetic technology among other topics. Studying natural science includes field studies, laboratory work, practical training and theoretical studies as well as international contacts and exchanges.
Also networking with universities, companies, enterprises and hospitals will be a vital part of activities on the programme. There will be a number of study visits that will take place through out the three year programme. We give you the opportunity to prepare for Cambridge Advanced English Exam (CAE), a language proficiency test.

After graduation

The programme lays the foundations for further studies in natural sciences, medicine, engineering, mathematics, technology and social sciences in higher education. Passing Cambridge Advanced English Exam shows that you are a high achiever and it is a
badge of excellence.


Charlotte Westberg, guidance counselor 070-089 37 86

Inkeri Böök, teacher 070-086 22 51

Johan Ahlqvist, principal 070-340 20 58

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S:t Eskils gymnasium
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