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The Swedish Archive of Childrens' Art - Presentation in English

Engelsk soldat

Bild för arbetsbok i geografi. Av: Hans Geben, 11 år, Folkskolan klass 5, Stockholm 1957.

Located in Eskilstuna, one hour by train from Stockholm. This archive has collected pictures produced by children in Sweden and other countries since 1977. The collection has some 650 000 pictures spanning the past 200 years until today.

The pictures are made by children of different ages, from infants to youngsters up to 19 years old. The paintings and drawings are produced at home, nursery school, kindergarten and school and for competitions, etc.

They are collected for research regardless of age or talent. Donations must include information about gender, age, home location and child´s situation at the time the picture was made. For practical purpose three-dimentional art-works are the only accepted as photographs. 

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