Whether you want to start your own business or work for a major international company, the study of how businesses operate, make decisions and affect our welfare, will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills you will need to succeed.

The International Business & Management Program follows the syllabus for the Swedish Ekonomiprogrammet (EK) using English as the language of education.

What you will study

You work with business topics such as marketing, accounting, calculations, human resources, leadership, and management, both through theoretical lessons and practical study cases based in everyday life. You will meet international companies and participate in different seminars with local entrepreneurs. You will learn how to start a business through the experience of Young Achievement (Ung Företagsamhet – UF).

As part of your education you will have the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ projects and exchanges with different countries in the world.

We provide you the opportunity to prepare for the Cambridge English: C1 Advanced, also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

After graduation

By studying Business and Management you will develop lifelong skills and lay the foundation for further studies in economics, marketing, management, or law in universities in Sweden and in the world.

A diploma in Cambridge English: Advanced is an internationally recognized certificate and is looked upon favorably by future employers and can be used for your university and student Visa applications in the UK and Australia.

Ten Reasons to choose a program at the International College (INT)

  1. It increases your academic possibilities: Many universities in Sweden have course books, lectures and seminars in English and require you to write essays and reports in English, especially in science and mathematics.
  2. It enhances your future attractiveness: Being proficient in English and modern languages makes you attractive both the national and global market. It is becoming more and more difficult to get a job today without good English skills.
  3. You will learn studying and time management techniques that will serve you well, both now and in the future.
  4. The classes are smaller, allowing our teachers to spend more time helping and developing you as a student.
  5. The teaching team is highly qualified and international: the teachers come from many different countries and different walks of life.
  6. You will have the possibility to participate in exchange trips to other countries, such as Spain, Finland, Italy, England, and China.
  7. All programmes can participate in the European Youth Parliament and several UN activities. If you study Business you also learn how to start your own company, and in Natural Sciences you have the opportunity to visit an observatory and compete in the European Youth Science Olympiad.
  8. We also offer the possibility to take the Cambridge English: Advanced exam (CEA), which gives you a diploma in English proficiency that will increase your chances of studying abroad immensely.
  9. The classes are very multi-international, with students from across the world, with just a few examples being Germany, Iran, Australia, England, Greece, Nigeria, USA, and Poland.
  10. Lastly, students who attend the International College have some of the highest average grades in all of Sörmland county, proving the quality of not only the teachers, but also the excellent performance of the students.


Johan Ahlqvist



Uppdaterad: 23 september 2021