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Over the next couple of months, the rescue service will be paying a visit to everyone who lives in apartments in Nyfors. We would like to discuss fire safety with one or all of the adults in the household. The visit takes around three to five minutes, and we want to talk to you to help increase your knowledge of fire safety.

Two persons from the rescue service will pay you a visit and we always carry and show ID. The photograph below shows you what uniform we will be wearing when we knock on your door. We never try to sell you any products and we do not need to enter your apartment.

During the visit, we will provide information on how to protect yourself from a fire. We will provide information both orally and in writing. The written information is provided in several languages. We will also ask whether you have a fire detector on the ceiling and if you know how to test the fire detector.

See you soon!

Eskilstuna rescue service

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