About Stenby Nursery

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Welcome Stenby Nursery!

A nursery, which put an emphasis on Drama and outdoor learning.

Our nursery open tree years ago, the nursery is situated between Stenby and Råbergstorp in Eskilstuna.

We see that the wood is party of our nursery so we spend time there every week. Our aim is to put an emphasis on environmental issues and nature care.  We have “Green flag” which means we on a daily basis speak to our children and work for a better environment.

The work we preform through drama is to strengthen each child’s identity so they feel secure in themselves and in their own ability. Drama functions as a way to develop each child to function both individually and in a group. Dance is another form of how the children can express them selves and develop their creative abilities.  We have something we call Wake Up and Shake Up! On a daily basis we dance after a routine, which is led by some teachers.  The whole nursery dance together around 8.45am.

We are new thinking teachers who challenge the children to explore and seek knowledge, both as individuals and in a group. Our nursery has rooms that inspirer the children to co-operate within both planned activities and play but also to develop their own curiosity to feel free to play and learn.  The children benefits from being part of a big team of teachers and children. They learn how to interact with people on everyday basis. Every child belongs to a section which is divided up after age and development. To be able to follow each and every child’s development every day we divide the group into smaller groups of children during most of the day and work with different projects throughout the school term.

We value a parenting active introduction when children start at our nursery.  That means that guardians take part in our daily activities to start with for 3 days.  The introduction is individual so some children might need longer time to feel at home at the nursery.  We enjoy having parents here so feel free to always pop in and participate. To maintain a good standard we think it’s important that guardians can feel that they have an influential part.

The nursery is open from 6.15am to 18.00pm so if you are near-by feel free to come in and visit us!